Personalised Non-Residential Retreats 

& Creative Wellbeing Workshops

"It's hard to put into words the positive & uplifting feelings this week has given me. Peter & Ema have created a welcoming & open space where everyone's unique talents & contributions are welcomed & appreciated - a place to find & be yourself." 

Personalised Non-Residential Retreats heartsong normandie mortain manche singing reiki meditation mantra day retreats

"For more reasons than one, I’d highly recommend signing up for a warm and loving retreat with Ema and Peter. For me personally, just their being taught me a lot about myself, they have became life long friends, without them, I wouldn’t have taken on some of the challenges that I believed I couldn’t achieve, both in singing and with reiki, so much so, that I became a reiki practitioner through the tuition of Ema. Singing is great for the soul, Peter is a down to earth guy who totally believes that we can all sing, it brings people together. You’ll definitely be singing and glowing all the way home.

Personalised Non-Residential Retreats heartsong normandie mortain manche singing reiki meditation mantra day retreats

Relax and nurture your creativity and wellbeing with our personalised non residential retreats and creative wellbeing workshops

Create your own personalised creative wellbeing retreat and workshop sessions at HeartSong Normandie. Choose from our selection of activities including: 


Find your voice and sing from the heart with your choice of musical styles from pop and rock to mantra meditation, chanting and world music. Suitable for all singing abilities. 

Meditation & relaxation sessions

Breathwork and mindful meditation, mantra chanting, chakra and sound meditation 

Reiki sessions and training workshops

Reiki is a holistic energy healing system for relaxation and stress relief that originated in Japan. It supports our own innate healing abilities and can bring balance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our personalised non residential retreat sessions and workshops are available for individuals, couples or small groups at our place in 50140 Mortain or we can travel to your venue (e.g. holiday accommodation, homes, associations and groups). 

Accommodation is available locally in Mortain and the surrounding areas (hotel, bed and breakfasts, self catering and campsites). 

Each personalised non residential retreat and workshop session is created with you to suit your needs and requirements. Available options include 1 day experience retreats and wellbeing workshops and 7 day retreats and workshop courses (e.g. singing retreat holidays, meditation mantra sessions, reiki training courses). 

Please contact us for your free consultation. 

We look forward to welcoming you. 

Ema & Peter