Individual Singing Lessons/Vocal Coaching

Individual Singing Lessons/Vocal Coaching

Everyone has a voice and everyone can sing. Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to 'find your voice' or a more experienced singer looking to develop your technique and performance, all abilities are welcomed at HeartSong Normandie. Peter has taught everyone from professional musicians to those who think they are tone deaf and can't sing. He works sensitively with the emotional blocks and negative inner voices people can have that may have stopped them from singing completely or from opening and using their voice fully, authentically and enjoying the many benefits of singing.

In your singing lessons and vocal coaching sessions you will sing songs you want to sing as well as learn and develop good vocal technique, working with the breath, diaphragm, pitch, tone and vocal control. Peter teaches popular music repertoire from pop, rock and musical theatre to punk, folk...and everything in between! At your first lesson you will also get a copy of Peter's Vocal Exercise Bike CD/Digital Download - which helps to support your vocal practice and develop good technique. 

Our singing lessons and vocal coaching sessions are suitable for individuals and small groups and personalized to your own needs and requirements. 

Please get in touch for any further information and to book your singing lessons and vocal coaching. 

Looking forward to singing with you soon...

Individual Singing Lessons/Vocal Coaching heartsong normandie